OMB Control Number 1840-0849

Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reporting for all HEERF I, II, and III grant funds
Institution Name: Emma’s Beauty Academy
Date of Report: 7/7/2022

Expires 5/31/2024

Covering Quarter Ending: June 30

PR/Award Number(s): P425E203130 P425F____ P425J____ P425K____ P425L____ P425M____ P425N ____P425Q210903P4255____ P425T____

Final Report? ☐ (Only if you have exhausted ALL HEERF Grants)

Total Amount of Institutional Funds Awarded:

Section (a)(1): $ 0.00
Section(a)(2): $ 0.00
Section(a)(3): $ 0.00

Total Amount of Student Funds Awarded:

Section (a)(1): $ 407,075.00
Section (a)(4): $ 822,291.00

1) Please provide a link to your annual report located on the ESF transparency portal so the public can review the full details of your HEERF grant usage over the last calendar year, including methodologies used to award HEERF funds to students, academic success of HEERF recipients, and other details:

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